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Pandemic Legacy: S1G2 February

Pandemic Legacy: S1G2 February
For Christmas 2016 I bought my kids Pandemic Legacy. 
This is our story
There will be game spoilers in this post.


The legacy deck told us to draw a card before the game setup started. We were told to open several items from the dossier. Several things happened, and the game really started to deviate from standard Pandemic.

First C0da-403a mutated!!! C0da-403b is now not treatable and incurable! We named it Super Ebola. This is the yellow disease in our game. So part of Africa, South America, Central America, plus Miami & Los Angeles can become huge problems. Also drawing yellow city cards from the player deck are kind of useless now.

Second we got to open one of those black numbered boxes. Inside there was our first stickers to add to the rule book, Relationships and Quarantine. 

Quarantine is a new action that prevents disease cubes from being added to a city. A token is placed when quarantined, and then removed when that city is to be infected. Players must be in that city to quarantine. NEAT!

Also in the Legacy Deck was a new player sheet, the Quarantine Specialist. She has the ability to place a Quarantine token anywhere on the board once per turn. And if she is in a quarantined city its token is not removed if it is to be infected. DOUBLE NEAT!!


Since we won January the government decided our funding should go down. (It’s a game mechanic.) So we only get 2 Event Cards. We chose Resilient  Population. That allows us to remove an infection card from the deck. Then we chose the Quiet Night card. For one turn we can skip drawing the infection cards.

We still had the People’s Center for Very Much Good Research in Ho Chi Minh City.

The infection setup blew up in Europe. London & St. Petersburg got a triple dose of blue e. coli along with one for Milan. Manilla was full of red SARS. Black death was spread throughout the mid-east & India. A double dose of yellow Super Ebola hit the board in Johannesburg. We were happy to see so little yellow.

February begins.

A win in January gave us the bonus to remove a cube from the board before the game started. We removed a yellow since we can’t even treat it.

Finally we chose our roles, assigned relationships, and decided to start in Atlanta.
Me – Dispatcher (again) – Family with Medic
Kenzie – Medic (again) – Co-worker with Medic
Alex – Generalist (again) – Friend with Quarantine Specialist
Carson – Quarantine Specialist (new)  – Rival with Generalist

Relationships are little bonuses that we get to chose to put on our characters in pairs. Family gives you an extra action if you start in the same city.
Co-workers can share a city card if only one of them is in the city.
Friends  ….which I can’t remember right now
Rivals can discard two cards to pick up a card discarded by their rival. REMEMBER THIS.

The Game Begins….and Blows Up!

We were really worried about yellow. But e. coli had other plans.
Again we hit an epidemic early. Algiers got hit, but worse the reset infection deck immediately brought up Milan putting another cube there. Not much later a second epidemic came along & hit Paris.

I can’t remember exactly how it happened now, but Milan got slammed. In short order we went from calm to two outbreaks in the same city! So Milan was rioting. No flights into or out of that city. Istanbul had two major disease infections in it, and Europe was awash in blue e. coli.

Northern Italy burns.

We ran all over the board putting out hot spots, and had a few more outbreaks. Then I noticed a major problem. With half the player deck gone. No one had more than two cards of any color group. We were spread out, and hadn’t cured a thing.

Loss is Inevitable Even if You Cheat

We didn’t cheat, but it felt like it. We found a good strategy for exploiting the Resilient Population card. This card allowed us to remove a city from the infection deck. Event cards can be played at ANY time, even out of turn. Alex & Carson had made their characters Rivals. That ability means a player can immediately discard two cards to pick up a card that was just discarded. They went back & forth playing the card, then discarding two cards, three times to get rid of three cities!
Did we cheat?

The advantage  was obvious. Yellow Super Ebola was starting to get out of hand, and we certainly didn’t have time to deal with it. Two yellow neighboring cities were on the brink of outbreak. We pulled two yellow cities from the deck, and then Beijing because it was far away from any of us. This gave us a chance. It cost 6 cards, but 4 of the cards were yellow and two were black which we had just cured.

We spent a lot of time strategizing, but it was too late. We just couldn’t get together, and get lucky draws to get five cards of one color together three times. The player deck ran out.

We played it out, and had there been 3 more cards in the deck we would’ve won. BAH!

It is amazing how close the game comes to going either way on the final moves. Our first game ever finished on the last possible turn before the Player deck ran out.


The game basically ended like this. 

The game dragged on for awhile, but only because we didn’t want to lose. If we don’t play we can’t lose, right? RIGHT!? …

The Legacy Deck left us with another victory card to scratch off. But we lost. So we just sat there and stared at it in shame. ( ._.)

Next game we’re back to four on funding, and we’ll get to use the January win bonus again since it will still be February.


We forgot to pick out game upgrades. (Win or lose you get two.)
Alex got the game back out, and I told him to just choose two. He decided to build the El ala Carte Center for Disease Research in old Algiers. He also gave the medic the ability to fly to a city without discarding that city card. Very handy!

We’ve played two more games. Come back soon for updates.



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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 – Game 1

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 – Game 1
For Christmas I bought the kids a copy of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.
I intend to keep a running blog on our progress through the game.
There will be spoilers.


Pandemic is a collaborative game (everyone versus the game itself) where you work to keep deadly diseases at bay & find cures. If you haven’t played Pandemic you can still enjoy this blog series. A single turn is relatively simple, and I’ll explain things as I go along. But I won’t explain every little nuance. One: This would be boring. Two: It would mean spoilers.

Base Rule: Everyone gets 4 actions, draws two Player cards (these are cities or special things you can do), and then draws to infect cities with Infection Deck.

Image result for pandemic legacy  infection deckPandemic Legacy: Season 1 is a sequel to the base game where each game permanently alters
the future games. The base turn mechanics are the same, but
throughout the game you will trigger events. In this version of the game a Legacy Deck has been added. You start on card one, and are told how to proceed through this deck. Each card may be a new rule or game objective.

Image result for pandemic legacy season 1

Cleverly themed like a file folder.

There is a dossier that works like an advent calendar. Sealed tabs are opened, stickers are added to the rulebook, player sheets, cards, and board. There are also 8 sealed boxes that we’ve shaken. The only thing we know is that if you lose 4 times in a row you open box 8. I think they have extra disease cubes in some of them. IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!…with deadly disease.


Finally there is a sticker sheet that houses markers for character upgrades, board changes, etc. Obviously you are free to read these.

Game one begins in January (game calendar). If you win you proceed to February, but lose funding (Remove 2 good cards from the player deck.) If you lose you have one more shot to win that month, and you get to increase your funding (Add 2 good cards to the player deck.)

Okay. Let’s get to eradicating disease!


Player (age) role: ability
Me (39) Dispatcher: Move a pawn like it’s mine. Move any pawn to any city with a pawn.
Kenzie (18) Medic: Cures all disease in a city for 1 action. Disease cannot spread to city where the Medic
Alex (14) Generalist: Gets 1 extra action.
Carson (8) Scientist: Needs 4 cards to cure a disease (normally 5).

Funding level starts at 4. This means you get 4 out of 8 Funded Events (good cards) in the player deck. Players choose. We went with: a free research station in any city, move anyone anywhere, look at the top 6 infection cards & rearrange them, don’t draw infection cards for 1 turn.
Everyone gets 2 player cards. Alex happened to draw the free research station card. The rest of us just got city cards.

Image result for pandemic legacy  infection deck

The Player Deck: City cards are like currency of the game. Spend for immediate benefits, but you must save five of one color to cure a disease. EPIDEMICS are bad. EVENTS are good.

Base game setup does not change. Disease cubes are placed by drawing 9 city infection cards in sets of three. Disease cubes are in the standard colors: red, blue, yellow, black. Certain regions of the board get certain colors. We drew these (umm…I think.)
3 disease cubes: Washington, Atlanta, and Ho Chi Minh City.
2 disease cubes: Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris
1 disease cube: Chennai & Delhi and one in Lima. 

For fun we said that Chipotle’ has given the US a bad e coli infection. SARS is in the Pacific. Black Death in India and Yellow Fever  in South America is pretty safe.

Turn One

Pandemic Legacy has objectives. The only objective in January is to cure the 4 diseases. This is the basic game. No real spoiler there.

Carson was randomly chosen to go first. Everyone starts in Atlanta. The Center for Disease Control is there in real life. So a research center is there in the game. You must move to a research center to cure a disease.

With two of the three hot spots (3 disease cubes) in the US it was easy to get a hold on disease. However Carson drew the first EPIDEMIC card immediately.

Epidemics are part of the game, but getting one this early is probably bad. This is only our second Pandemic game ever. So who knows?

A city is drawn from the BOTTOM of the Infection Deck and gets 3 disease cubes. Reshuffle the Infection cards you’ve already drawn, and put them on top of the deck. So now we have Moscow full of black death. The Infection Rate Tracker moves forward. And we’ll be drawing the same cities again.

All in all we get the board cleaned up pretty well.

Our First Triggered Event

After just 2 turns we’re spread out in a relatively clean world, but we drew our second EPIDEMIC!
When we started a purple reminder token was placed on the Infection Rate Tracker in the third spot. We now draw cards in the Legacy Deck.

I won’t say how anything works or reveal too much text. But it is well-themed in the form of notes from the CDC in Atlanta that shit is hitting the fan.
[BEGIN SPOILER click & drag your mouse to highlight this text] Ebola (yellow) is now incurable in our game. It’s treatable, but takes two actions to remove one cube. This will remain for all future games.
The CDC has changed our objective to curing three diseases. [END]

Image result for pandemic legacy season 1

Yes, you are instructed to do this. For now I’m putting my destroyed cards in an envelope.


The game progressed pretty smooth. We got two more event cards, so we were in a good spot. However we had two OUTBREAKS. Outbreaks occur when a city with 3 disease cubes would get a fourth cube either via being drawn in the Infection Deck or from another outbreak. Instead of a fourth cube being placed all neighboring cities get a disease cube. 8 outbreaks means losing.

In Pandemic Legacy an outbreak also destabilizes a city. So Moscow & Tokyo are now on the brink. No problems now, but one more outbreak in either and they start rioting. This is marked by permanently affixing a sticker to the board to mark their panic level.
Serious game is serious. 

We built a research facility in Ho Chi Minh City, and got SARS (red disease) cured.

End Game

Diseases stayed pretty well spread out in this game. And we collected city cards pretty easily. Not much trading was needed. This is the biggest difficulty of the game. You have to get two people into the same city to trade that city’s card. So it’s a number of actions to get there. Wait for the next player to get there, and use an action to trade a card. The Researcher can trade cards easier, but we didn’t play her. The dispatcher’s (Me) ability to move people around was used heavily.

The Scientist’s (Carson) ability to cure with only 4 city cards was only used once. The dispatcher (Me) cured a disease, and the Medic (Kenzie) got the last two.


Because we won the government decides that less funding is needed. So next game we only get two funded events (good cards). Got-danged Gubmint!! WELCOME TO TRUMP’S ‘MURICA!

Image result for pandemic research station The Legacy Deck left off with card stating ‘Draw before you pick end game upgrades.’ We flipped the card and found a scratch off spot that is scratched if we won, which we had. It gave us the option to [BEGIN SPOILER]  remove a disease cube at the start of the next game. [END]
Win or lose you get two upgrades for the next game. We chose to build the People’s Center for Very Much Good Research in Ho Chi Minh City. (We get to keep the research facility there.) Then we gave the medic the ability to treat disease from a neighboring city. This saves an action by not needing to move into a city to treat it.

On to February….

This was really fun, and the best part was my two teenagers LOVED IT! Alex (14) said we should just make the table the Pandemic Table. Kenzie said the game is like Christmas. She wanted to open more boxes. Carson being only 8 enjoys it, but gets a little bored. He gets talked over a lot.

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