Pandemic S1G6-11: Apologies

02 Jan

Wow! It’s really been a year since I updated this!?

As much as we loved the game we got distracted and didn’t play for 5-6 months.
Just as fast we blew through 5 game months in 2 weeks (Summer vacation).
Then things got really busy. One player went to college, and we bought a house.
We just finished December in game in late December (reality). I’ll make a post for that game soon.

Finally we just started Pandemic Season 2! The plan is to post every two weeks this year.

No Pics but here is what happened.
First it had been so long since we played that we forgot how to play. It took awhile to get rolling. We had to back up and restart once….and we lost.

The game started to get really tough in May. So tough that one of the summer months took exactly 6 turns to play (1.5 times around the board). Eight outbreaks in six turns.

Another game took awhile to play because we just sat staring at the board for twenty minutes. We knew it was an inevitable loss, and it was.

But another game we beat in six turns! HAHA! Take that Pandemic Zhambees!
I also started calling the little C0dA infected dude ‘zhambees’ for some reason. (A play on the word zombies because I’m clever like that.)

I went back and found the pics I did take. I’ll add posts about last year’s game.

Thanks loyal readers. It’s going to be another fun year of fighting C0dA!


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