Pandemic Legacy S1G5 – OH MY GOD!

12 Jan
Pandemic Legacy S1G5 – OH MY GOD!
For Christmas 2016 I bought my kids Pandemic Legacy. 
This is our story. 
There will be game spoilers in this post.

We decided to play a weeknight game of Pandemic since the game only takes an hour or so at most. This did NOT take an hour.


The Legacy Deck didn’t have much for April. “Carry on.” Achieve 2 of 3 objectives.

Our funding was at zero so no bonus cards to pick out.

I decided to go with the Operations Expert though. We’ve picked a bunch of bonuses to aid in moving around the board. So the dispatcher has gotten less important. We were going to go after the achievement to build 6 military bases around the world.

Our March win bonus was placing a military base anywhere in the world. We chose Beijing since it’s in a ‘corner’. It’s hard to get there since only 2 cities link to it, and it’s far from our research centers.

Lastly we had to set the reminder token on epidemic #2. Cool! I like things changing mid-game.


The pre-game infection was bad. Yellow Super Ebola showed up again. A hot spots showed up in Beijing & San Francisco.  Europe & the mid-east were barely touched this game.

We decided to start at the People’s Center for Very Much Good Research in Ho Chi Minh City.

It Begins…

Megan was playing the medic, and with the medic’s upgrades she cleaned up Asia.
Alex took the researcher to San Francisco to handle it.
Carson shuttled to Algiers to prepare a defense in Africa. He peaked into the Infection Deck (character upgrade) and saw Sao Paulo coming up. He placed a quarantine token there. This was a mistake.

Carson drew the first Epidemic next. (He always gets the first one.) So Sao Paulo got buried in the deck. Worse yet Khartoum came up as the city. So now we had Khartoum with three cubes, linked to Johannesburg with two cubes, and both linked to Kinshasa with three cubes. And no quarantine tokens down to help absorb anything.

Finally Carson finished his Infection step and BOOM! He drew Kinshasa. OUTBREAK #1.
Kinshasa sent Johannesburg its third cube. Plus the fourth to Khartoum. OUTBREAK #2.
Khartoum sent a fourth cube to Johannesburg. OUTBREAK #3.
Not to mention Lagos had collected two cubes.

Half a continent of un-treatable, incurable Super Ebola all linked up!

One Round Complete!

Okay so we made one trip around the table and had three outbreaks.

I built a military base. The medic got to Europe. Alex traded some cards….aaaand Epidemic.

Buenos Aires came up, which had one cube already. OUTBREAK #4
That sent a cube to Johannesburg. OUTBREAK #5.
That sent cubes to Kinshasa and Khartoum. OUTBREAK #6 and #7.
Khartoum sent a cube to Kinshasa via another path. OUTBREAK #8.
MISTAKE: I just realized that a city can only outbreak once per turn, even if the cubes come from different directions. We would’ve lost anyway since we would’ve been drawing through the same yellow cards.
We’ll pull the Fallen sticker from Kinshash. 

The game took about 10 minutes and 6 player turns. Also the Quarantine Specialist was stuck in Khartoum during an outbreak. So she was scarred. Damn, Pandemic! You scary!



Because this was the second epidemic a game event triggered. We got to open ten dossier items and box #3.

All the rules revolved around C0da-403b muting to its next strain. It makes people into monsters/zombies,  simply called The Faded.


Since we didn’t get to play them, I’m not getting into their rules. But the biggest problem with them is they can scar your characters much easier.


We decided to give Mo E’sha the Exhausted scar. From now on she can only move twice per turn between cities. This isn’t much of a deal since she almost always uses one action to place a quarantine token anywhere on the board, and then a second in a city she’s in. 

For end-game upgrades we decided to make the military base in Beijing permanent (a new upgrade option). And then we gave the Operations Expert the ability to quarantine into a neighboring city if he’s in a city with a military base. He’ll be moving around building bases so he should always start a turn in a military base.

Our funding goes back to two next game. We now have multiple cities rioting, and one close to falling. Maybe we can win April next time.

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