Pandemic Legacy: S1G4 – March

10 Jan
Pandemic Legacy: S1G4 – March
For Christmas 2016 I bought my kids Pandemic Legacy. 
This is our story. 
There will be game spoilers in this post.


We had a quick game to finally win February, so we decided to have a go at March.

March is the first month to require to objectives to win. Not sure how that would play we started turning up cards and got two new objectives to add to the ‘Cure 3 Diseases’ objective: ‘Eradicate 1 disease’ and ‘Get a military base in each region of the world.  So in some ways it’s a bit easier to win. You can choose your path.

A dossier door told us to open box #2, and there were our Military Bases. Eight little green buildings.

We had noticed in previous months that the Quarantine Specialist had a different symbol on her sheet. It looked like a little alien. Actually it’s a set of dog tags. She’s para-military which the March briefing card discussed.

The world is now officially falling apart. The government has partnered with para-military to maintain infrastructure. A new character has joined the game: the Operations Expert. He can build a structure for free in a city, and once per turn may move into ANY city including the rioting/falling cities by discarding any card. We named him Dave.

The para-military people can move between the cities with military bases as well. It’s a new action like shuttling between research centers.

Pre-Game (It’s been a few days, so details are sparse.)

With all the new parts out we infected the cities, and finally yellow Super Ebola showed up. Four yellow cities were drawn, and AGAIN Europe got hit with e. coli. Essen had 3 cubes, and both St. Petersburg & Milan got two. ARGH!!! Only two cubes of black Monkey Pox were on the board, and just one Asian city had red SARS.

We decided to go after black and eradicate it. Then just cure the other two. The Ops. Expert would have to wait to build bases in a later game.

Again our funding was down to two. So we chose a the card that allowed us to pull two cubes off the board to help with Super Ebola. Then we took the card to eliminate a city from the infection deck.

Last we put our February bonus, a quarantine marker, on a yellow city.

Game Begins: It’s a Race Against Time

We immediately realized that we would not be able to handle yellow for long. We had to win fast. Get Europe under control, and kill black fast. Letting an outbreak go here or there would be fine….right?

An outbreak in Essen made us focus on Europe. 

After a couple trips around the board we had three outbreaks in cities. Northern Europe was giving us fits, but we got this. Essen was unavoidable, but a Panic Level of 1 has no effect. Everything is fine.

The yellow sticker on Tokyo was mistake. 

Nothing to worry about in Europe.

or North America.

Even South America is fine.

Australia? Where is that?

Africa is okay.

What am I missing?


Shit, Meet Fan

Remember that ONE city that had red SARS in it? We didn’t.

Lesson learned. Never take anything for granted in Pandemic. There are no quiet areas of the board. We had three outbreaks in two trips around the board. We had FOUR outbreaks at once!

The yellow stickers on Taipei and Osaka are NOT mistakes. 

He had to be extremely careful from here on out.

8 Outbreaks = Loss

We pulled out all the special cards we had. Luckily we had drawn both, as well as the city card we upgraded last game. It allowed us to remove a cube if we discarded a card up to three times.

We relied heavily on the Quarantine Specialist’s ability to place a quarantine token anywhere on the board. Also she had the ability to peak at the two upcoming Infection cards (an upgrade from February).

The dispatcher was barely moved since I spent my turn moving other people around the board. Primarily moving the Medic with his ability to treat disease in a neighboring city once per turn. This got Asia cleaned up quick since he treats all disease in a city with one action by default.

The Researcher got good cards and was able to collect color groups quickly.

We narrowly won, but we won! TWO STRAIGHT!

We almost ran out of blue and yellow cubes too. Another way to lose. 

Post-Game Upgrades

Hooray!!! Zero-funding next game!…wait….WHAT!?
Yeah that’s your reward for doing good. Better make these upgrades count.


We decided to use on the Positive Mutations since we eradicated black Monkey Pox. Now we do not have to move to a research center to cure it in future games.

Since we’ve been using the Researcher so much she has hit the hand limit of 7 several times. We gave her an upgrade to hold 8 cards.

New Rules

We were rewarded with the ability to put a military base anywhere in the world in April.

Also we received the ability to make a military base permanent. As well we received a new sticker sheet of 3 Character Upgrades & a sheet of 3 Character Scars. The scars are applied if a character is stuck in a city where an outbreak occurs. This has not happened to us.

Can’t wait to play April!

Kenzie has dutifully recorded our wins & losses. 3-1

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