Pandemic Legacy: S1G3 – Late February

09 Jan
Pandemic Legacy: S1G3 – Late February
For Christmas 2016 I bought my kids Pandemic Legacy. 
This is our story.
There will be game spoilers in this post.


Well last game was a disaster. So we get another shot at February with increased funding. Back up to 4 Event Cards to help us out. I honestly don’t remember what we chose.

Also we now had 3 Research Stations: Atlanta, Algiers, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Alex decided to play the Researcher this time through. That character can give/take cards by simply being in the same city as another player. My wife joined this game, playing as the medic. I was the dispatcher, and Carson stuck with the Quarantine Specialist.

We started at the El ala Carte Research Center in Algiers because once again Europe was slammed with e. coli. There was one hot spot in Asia, but it was next to the People’s Center for Very Much Good Research in Ho Chi Minh City.

And finally we got to use the January win bonus again, removing 1 disease cube from the board. Again we chose yellow since we can’t do a thing with it.

Game Begins. Game Ends.

I didn’t take any pics of this game. One: I kinda forgot. Two: The game was over in less than 30 minutes. We went around 2.5 times. BOOM! Done.

Again yellow Super Ebola wasn’t much of a factor. Then we got lucky on card draws. Everyone got pairs of colors. I just used my dispatcher to put people together, and the medic flew around covering the hot spots. Carson also used his quarantine ability to good effect.

This is one of the best things about Pandemic. It can be played so quickly.


Well January’s win bonus is now gone, but we get to open up all sorts of new stuff.

First any March game we get to place a quarantine token anywhere on the board. Nice for keeping one triple-cubed hot spot quiet.

Next we got 4 new Event Cards. This gives us 10 to choose from, but next game we only get two of them since we won again.

Also we got more character upgrades to choose from. One of these was an ability to look at the top two Infection cards at the start of that character’s turn. This seemed like a great option for the Quarantine Specialist. Since that character can place a quarantine token anywhere on the board once per turn, she can easily negate an infection every turn. Handy for blocking an incurable yellow cube.

We didn’t eradicate a disease so those upgrade options were out. We also didn’t build a new research center so that option was out. We were down to another character upgrade or upgrading a city card into an Event Card. We decided to gamble and make the Bogata card into a card that allows the discarding of up to three other city cards to remove disease cubes of that color. Again that will help with yellow. And since Bogota is a yellow card we don’t need it to cure anything. The only down side would be if it ends up at the bottom of the player deck, and we never get to it.

So that was it for February.
But Kenzie came home, and she wanted to open more stuff. On to March!

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