Do / Don’t at Disney

20 Oct

So we went to Walt Disney World 2 weeks ago. One of the best things I’ve done as an adult.

Not-So-Scary Halloween Fireworks

There will be many posts about Disney. It was an awesome family trip. We stayed on property, immersed in Disney. Muchplanning went into our trip but there is a real learning curve to Disney World. We messed some things up. Here’s a list of things to do and things to avoid at the most magical place on earth.

DO – Stay on property. You’re missing some of the magic by shlepping off to your car every night, fighting traffic, paying to park, etc. If you want to save money don’t go to Disney.

DON’T – Look at price tags while you’re there. Decide what you want out of the trip, where to eat, souvenirs, etc. all before you go. Save & budget, then go have fun. Weighing financial decisions while there spoils the fun. Know what you want up front & go for it. Ignore the rest.

DO – Go to any special Disney events going on. We paid extra to go to Mickey’s

Not-so-scary Halloween Party. BEST PART OF THE TRIP! I’m sure any similar event would be worth it. Also the Food & Wine Festival was going on at EPCOT. Great fun but we planned poorly and couldn’t fully enjoy it.

DON’T – Overdo it. If you stay on property getting back to the hotel is simple & easy. Take a rest day and enjoy your


“Never go to the dark place, Simba.”

resort. This is why staying on property is so great. The resort is a day of fun to itself. We didn’t utilize our resort enough and I really regret it. We stayed at the brand-new Art of Animation Resort and there were daily drawing lessons from Disney artists, pool parties, pool games, pool bar, themed play/climb areas, games in the gift shop, an arcade, and the resort was a work of art.

DO – Shop at Downtown Disney. I don’t like shopping areas like this. I loved this one. The LEGO Store is amazing, and is only topped by the T-REX restaurant next door. Enjoy the meteor shower!

DON’T – Waste your time on basic table service meals. The food at Disney is very good, but nothing I had was world-class. The breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian was average. You want restaurants at Disney to be special for other reasons: character breakfast (Chef Mickey’s food was great too), a wall that is an aquarium (Coral Reef), giant animatronic dinosaurs plus a meteor shower plus aquarium plus giant ice-cave dining room with color-changing walls (T-REX), Luau Show at the Polynesian. All of these were WOW!

DO – Resort hop. Go to as many resorts as possible and see the sites. Grand Floridian is stunning. Polynesian is so relaxing. Wish we had seen more. Damn kids.

DON’T – Take the kids everywhere. Figure out a way for mom & dad to have a nice meal, alone. We didn’t. REGRET.


Ferry to Magic Kingdom & a Steamboat Willie Boat to the Polynesian.

DO – Take as many transportation options as possible. Monorail, little boat to/from the Magic Kingdom, boat across the world in EPCOT, buses….hell we even got a van ride from the Disney Vacation Club. Not many spots in America where you can not drive for a week. I didn’t see a car key for over 7 full days. That’s a vacation.
I could talk for hours about Disney. I’m an addict now. Trying to figure out how to go back and make the trip even better.

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