A New Take on the Dreaded Weigh-in

12 Jul

I’ve totally blown out the once-a-week weigh-in stuff. I weigh everyday sometimes as many as 5 times. No. I’m not obsessed with numbers, just the opposite.

For the newbie or person trying to get fit the weigh-in number is huge, even if we know it shouldn’t be. To take emphasis away, well-meaning trainers & gurus want people to limit their weigh-ins. But when a person finally weighs-in a tragic thing often happens. Their weight hasn’t changed or even increased after a hard-earned week. This leads to nothing but disappointment and quitting.

Has their weight changed really? Who knows? Maybe they just drank some water or ate something heavy yesterday. Something is slightly throwing off their weight from last week’s weigh-in. Humidity and temperature can affect a common bathroom scale more than people realize, but all the person sees is another reason to quit. A meaningless three-digit mockery staring back at them.

So when I started my weight loss trek in March I resolved to weigh all the time. The result is a better understanding of me. I know that I’m light in the mornings, but gain as much as 5 pounds. Then usually settle 1-3 pounds heavier in the evening. By morning I’m back to the starting weight or lost/gained a small amount. I know all sorts of reasons weight changes, and the size of a change. Just ate, just went to the bathroom, just worked out, or even just showered all affect weight. Often I can tell clothes are fitting differently on a new day. So I go weigh and see a number that hasn’t changed. Think I care about a number at that point?

You are never a solid, consistent weight than can be summed up in one number.
I now view my weight by a range. If someone asks what I weigh I tell them low 260’s (meaning 261-265), or breaking 260 (meaning 259 – 263). Soon I’ll be a high 250 (meaning 255 – 259). These ranges are much more accurate than a single number unless you have just stepped off a scale.

By constantly weighing I don’t notice if I’m heavier or lighter a week at a time. I just notice small changes every day, and do my best to keep them trending down. There has never been disappointment. Just reminders of where I’m at and reinforcement of my new work habits as the numbers slide down.

In the past three weeks the number of times I’ve weighed myself has dropped off. I really don’t care that much anymore, and isn’t that the real goal?

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