Löbrau Beer – Futurama

26 Feb

The Beer of Choice for Those That Don’t Care

Bender: Ahh, beer. So many choices, and it makes so little difference.
Fry: How about Löbrau? It has dots on it.

Futurama is quite possibly my favorite show, and if I could live in the year 3000 I’d be drinking Löbrau Beer. Not quite as ubiquitous as Duff Beer, Löbrau is the most popular beer on New Earth.

Bender Lobrau Beer

What We Know

Löbrau is seen in various episodes of Futurama, most often in the hands of Fry and Bender while they sit in front of the TV. Pronounced “low brow,” Leela mentions that the beer is Canadian in one episode. Other than that, there is little known about the brew.

Löbrau is a slight parody of the name Löwenbräu, a 600 year old German beer whose name means lion’s brew. I doubt the writers are knocking the real beer. The obvious comedy is in the name “low brow.”

Advertising Campaign

We’re never given a slogan for this product, but I’d imagine one of the following fit.

  • The beer of choice for those that don’t care about beer.
  • Grip it! Chug it! Love it!
  • When your thirst is big, but your wallet isn’t.
  • Big on flavor! Lö on thought!
  • “Too Lö!” – Endorsed by Zapp Brannigan.

Some may think that LöBrau may have a big ad campaign like Duff Beer. It’s much more likely that the beer survives on a small ad budget, and uses word of mouth among young chuggers everywhere, like Natural Light. In all my years of drinking beer and scanning the Liquor Barn’s seeming endless rows of micro brews I have never seen a big Natural Light display. Ever seen a ‘Natty Light’ superbowl commercial? No, but you’ve been to plenty of parties with plenty of Natural Light. One sign that says “Natural Light – $9.99 per case” is enough advertising. LöBrau is in the same vein and price point.

Taste (or lack thereof) and Appearance

LöBrau has a typical cheap beer color, yellow with lots of bubbles. There isn’t much of an aroma, at least from the beer, but there is plenty of aroma from its drinkers.

LöBrau is exactly what I expected when I imagine tasting it. It didn’t give me a lot to think about. LöBrau has a thin, watery bitter taste with little hops and a light but still bitter finish. The taste is highlighted by way too much carbonation.

Menu Suggestions

I’ve found that LöBrau tastes great with Popplers, Gobbler Weiners, or Bachelor Chow with Angry Norwegian Anchovies.

The Rundown

  • Category: MACRO Brew
  • Taste (20): 4 – It’s cheap beer.
  • Ad Campaign (10): 3 – It relies on its price point rather things like advertising or flavor.
  • Realism (10): 9 – There’s a lot out there like this.
  • WNI (10): 0 – Do we really need to crowd out Old Milwaukee and Natural Light?

Final Meaningless Score – 16 – Drink Slurm instead.

More Info

List of Futurama Products

Upcoming Reviews

I hope to get some Olde Fortran and Pabst Blue Robot in the spring. I’m currently working through a trademark dispute with Sam Adam’s Head Boston Lager so I had to pull that review.

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