Duff & Duff Lite

25 Feb

Can’t Get Enough of that Wonderful Duff!

For my first real review I’ll start with the biggest brew of them all, Duff, and it’s low-cal alternative Duff Lite. Duff is of course the choice of Homer Simpson and most residents of Springfield, USA.

Similar Real Beers

Duff Man will never die! (Only the actor that plays him will.)

Duff Man will never die! (Only the actor that plays him will.)

The Simpsons has used the brew to poke fun at a number of beer brewers, but it is most assuredly a parody on Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser and Bud Light. There is Duff Gardens, Duff Man, a Duff dog (think Spudz McKenzie), and enough Duff merchandise to fill several craters on the moon.

Duff is cheap, watery, and non-distinct; a typical American lager. Light yellow in color, with little bouquet, little taste, and a slightly bitter finish.

Duff Lite is in a slightly different can.

Any good Simpsons fan will remember the Duff Brewery tour that featured seperate Duff and Duff Lite (and Duff Dry, but that’s another article) vats that all connected to a single pipe before bottling. In other words it’s all the same crappy beer, and the choice of nearly everyone.

Target Audience

Males 15-80.

If you can drink Duff wants you in their world. Of course their world is the even more fictional world where super models are climbing fences in middle-class neighborhoods to party with 30-something father of two with a beer gut.

Ad Campaign

Duff Man and his legion of buxom beer maids are ready to party with you! They are also ready to fire Duff merchandise out of a cannon, drink with a pit bull, salute the troops, remember the veterans, celebrate America, kickoff the Superbowl, sponsor NASCAR, or be the thrown beer of choice at the next NBA game.

You’ll notice I’ve spent more time talking about the Duff image than I have Duff beer. Duff prefers it that way.

Duff vs. Reality

Duff is just another macro-brew like Budweiser, Coors, or Miller, so I can’t see much room for it in reality. Just replace the word ‘Bud’ with ‘Duff’ and you have it already.

The Rundown

  • Category: MACRO Brew – The biggest of the big
  • Taste (20): 5 – Meh. It’s beer.
  • Ad Campaign (10): 10 – Because of Duff Man alone
  • Realism (10): 10 – Sad, but true
  • WNI (10): 1

Final Meaningless Score – 26 -Average, just like Duff.

More Info

Duff on Wikipedia
The Simpsons Wiki

I would like to note that some brewers have made and sold real versions of Duff from The Simpsons. Also there is a canned energy drink made to look very similar to Duff beer.

Upcoming Reviews

I’m reserving Duff Dry and the many other Duff micro brews for another article. Anything that asks you to “Tap into the peppermint glacier” has got to have it’s own moment.

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