Beer = Life + 1 Louder

24 Feb

What’s more fun than beer?

Well, many things really, but beer sure does put an exclamation point on whatever you’re doing. It makes happiness happier, parties party harder, sadness sadder, and unemployment less dignified.

A Beer before bed...

Beer has been a part of human society since Ephrates and the boys knocked off after another day of slavin’ on the Pyramids. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, and America’s founding fathers all had comments on beer. It’s been in the middle of social change from Martin Luther discussing the Protestant beliefs late on Saturday evenings (That’s why Protestants go to church later than Catholics), to Hitler building the Nazi party.

Beer is tasted in all sorts of literature. Beer is chronicled in periodicals, and studied in doctoral thesis, and reviewed in foodie sundries around the world and now on the web. But has anyone ever tasted, tested, chronicled, reported, and discussed the finer points of imaginary beer??!! Yep. I’m doing it now.

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